Saturday, September 24, 2016

Why start this blog? + Intro to Dr. Horiagon's response to Kalin

{Originally published September 11, 2016}

My little excursion into ColoradoCare's Amendment 69 has snowballed on me.  All I was doing was researching my response to the Pinnacol CEO's flippant letter to the Durango Telegraph because I have personal reasons to be irritated with Pinnacol Assurance's dishonest practices, but I had no idea...

It's turned into an adventure of dark discovery that just keeps on going.  I documented the first leg of this journey in my previous post.  One of the articles that didn't make the cut
was a response by Dr. Tom Horiagon to another Kalin Amendment 69 denouncement.

I was cautious because it seemed a touch strident and I wasn't sure where this doctor was coming from, particularly after some initial search results.  Still what he wrote made sense and his third from last paragraph stopped me short, since exactly such a thing was brought up during my "negotiation" with Pinnacol.  

I took up Horiagon's suggestion and looked at Mike Grabell's series. I'd already been introduced to a couple articles written by Mike, but had no idea of the breadth of the Workers Comp and health care insurance issues he's covered.  

Then I called Dr. Horiagon and spoke with him.  After that conversation I realized this man is a well qualified doctor who's getting what comes to those who dare speak truth to power, namely dirty tricks.  I also learned that he has good reason for a little attitude and that he is someone who deserves some support in his effort to expose how the system's being operated.

I've only grazed the surface, but it seems like I should keep digging a little more.  

I also realized this was too big a topic for my citizenschallenge blog and so I've decided to start this blog.  Why?  Because I'm all about sharing important information and since Coloradans will be voting on health care reform and ColoradoCare's Amendment 69 on November 8th, it's about time to get this out there.  

I'll start this journey of discovery with the full text of Dr. Tom Horiagon's response to Phil Kalin's attack on Amendment 69, please continue to the next post.
. . .  To be continued

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