Friday, October 7, 2016

Passing Amendment 69 - Why the Fear? Embrace the Challenge!

I believe a most important aspect of ColoradoCare’s Amendment 69 has been overlooked in the media discussion.  

Voting yes and getting Amendment 69 passed will be Coloradans making a social contract committed to creating an efficient patient responsive health care system.  It won’t be a ready-made entity.  Expecting that is unrealistic.  

It will require commitment and the pro-active participation of many, each bringing their own perspectives and expertise.  Even those of us with no particular expertise other than being at the receiving end of today’s unresponsive medical bureaucracy and hostile scheming insurance representatives, will have our part to play.  Namely, remaining informed in order to support and help guide the experts as they work out the details of ColoradoCare.

The medical health professionals who have done the most to formulate ColoradoCare understand health care above all else.  They were tired of having their talents and time squandered by meaningless costly paper work that only serves to make life more difficult and stressful for everyone.  They understand the system's good and bad better than anyone.  

What they have done with Amendment 69 is to define a process and a structure around which the details can be molded.  It's well thought out and passing Amendment 69 will conclude the first chapter, with the next chapter being the formulating and finalizing of exact details of the ways and means of ColoradoCare.  I do trust these experts to work together for the most constructive outcomes.  I also believe they will learn from mistakes and refine the system as we move forward.

Rather than fear, we should embrace the chance to rebuild our outrageously overpriced and ineffective health care system.

Now, consider the corporate execs who have been running around Colorado loudly denouncing ColoradoCare.  Think about who they are, and what their standards and expectations are - ever increasing revenue streams and profits Corporate exec's past behavior indicates that providing efficient health care at the best cost possible is certainly not among their priorities.

I wonder what the average Colorado voters' priorities are?

Of course, the usual suspects are desperate to continue skimming their cut.  Of course, they are engaging in whatever it takes to defeat Amendment 69.  Truth is no obstacle to the yarns they are spinning.  Of course, they’ve got the bucks to buy the biggest megaphone and will have their way.  

The question is, are Coloradans going to buy corporate volume over substance?  Or assume responsibility for our own Colorado's health care system?

ColoradoCare is a well considered, if audacious plan to take back health care from the corporate octopus that has invaded it and created today’s system that puts profits first and foremost and looks at we patients and clients as revenue generating units.

Why are we allowing corporations to gobble up a third and more of every medical dollar we spend on health care?  

Of course, winning that back and reestablishing a patience first health care industry in Colorado will take vision, commitment and work.  So be it.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  If it’s worth having, you'd better be willing to put some serious effort into it.  ColoradoCare provides a good framework.  Coloradans can do this.    Vote Yes on Amendment 69

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